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I don't really care for books with a lot of gore, so I tend not to read horror. I do read urban fantasy (which at times can have horror elements), mysteries, science fiction. Over the spring I read Blackout and All clear, which I bet KMI has already read. I will read romance and chick lit, but not very often. Then again there is a good amount of romance available in some urban fantasy like the Sookie books. I read a classic every once in awhile, but wouldn't do that with you all. I read a lot of best sellers when they are out in paperback or a year or two later cheaper in hardcover.

I do read chick lit, but only a few a year, same with nonfiction (last one I read was The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon, which was a mixture of history and a memoir about going to the Amazon in present day). The last book I read with some sort of a western character was about a ghost sheriff from the wild west and a private investigator living in on Long Island and what happens. That was a weird cozy mystery.

So Gate you wouldn't read a non-fiction memoir by a favorite musician or actor?
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