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Sep 28 2012, 02:19 PM
It's not an easy name, for sure, but you ARE correct with that spelling.

I expect I'll enjoy The Campaign. I like both guys a lot, and several in the supporting cast.
The supporting cast is really great, the actress who plays Zach Gs (i got it right once i wont push it lol) wife is hysterical. I've seen her in a few other things but wasnt overly familiar with her, she stole the movie imo.

bloss I can understand the 21+ theater closing, Ours is brand new and we've now been twice and both times combined including us there were 20 people there. Granted we went a bit early (5 and 6) but it was on Friday, we were pretty surprised by the lack of people.

Most recently we saw Trouble With the Curve, predictable and not exactly exciting but it wasnt terrible. Its a feel good kinda movie and a couple "special" blue drinks later it was an enjoyable night at the movies.
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