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Anyone read lee Child's Jack Reacher books? They are great action, Reacher is a 6'5" ex military cop who wanders around getting caught up in saving various people from various assholes. He more or less beats the shit out of a lot of bad guys. They are not great literature but kind of like Die Hard on paper or something. Hsb and I like them a lot. Anyhow, you have in your mind a man who looks like Jim Caziviel (sp?) of POI or the Bohanan hunk from Hell on Wheels. So who do they cast? Tom Cruise. The shrimp who is not the least bit to me sexy or attractive (and never was even before I knew what a nutbag he is). Now to leap a step further, this months Vanity Fair has a great article on Katie and Scientology. Sick sick sick.

How's that for covering 3 topics in one post?
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