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This was obviously not high on my list and my hsb actually rented it. I liked it more than I thought I would. The young woman was well cast in my opinion. I thought she needed to be strong looking as well and she seemed quite capable.

I tried to read the book, got through about 1/3 and just couldn't get in to it. So, I won't read the rest of them but am curious, does she fight again? What happens n the next 2 books? General overview is fine, and don't worry about spoilers, I am sure I will forget by the time the next movie comes out!

I joked that this must be what happens to the world inf the Republicans take over, the poor choking to death in pollution and working at menial jobs while the few live in 1% style. Actually I found the concept rather dumb that people would be working in mines while there were space ships etc but again if Romney et al have their way, just might be.
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