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I saw 'The Descendants" this weekend, and was quite impressed. It deals with some very tragic and weighty issues without making it all seem too melodramatic!

I agree with Tgir's review of the movie. Clooney is excellent and was worthy of an Oscar nomination. Also thought Shailene Woodley, Judy Greer (very believable in the role) and Robert Forster were very good. I can't think of any movie I have seen with Judy Greer in it.

The storyline was very realistic -- everyone deals with grief and the difficult decisions around that in a very different way. As I have been to Hawaii a couple of times; I did think the portrayal of the people and their lifestyle on the islands was very realistic. Some may find the movie rather slow moving, but I thought that made the storytelling more effective.

The photography was breathtaking!!
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