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Jun 27 2009, 04:04 PM
I'm halfway through The Hunger Games (recced by Maria) and it is awesome. Right up there with Ender's Game as a novel for teens that will cross over for adults and become a classic.

This will make a helluva movie...


-Post apocalyptic world, hundreds of years after global warming (and disease ?) have caused the *near* collapse of civilization. the rest of the world is out of touch. A shrunken North America is now known as Panem, stretching from the Rockies to Appalachia. The Capitol maintains some vestiges of technology, even some future tech, and brutally control 12 Districts as fiefdoms that are back in pre-industrial medieval times.

-The Reaping takes place year, for 12-18 yr olds (shades of Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"). A boy and girl (called tribute) from each district is chosen to enter The Hunger Games, televised and promoted to entertain the masses while subtly rubbing the Districts' faces in the fact that they are subjugated and weak. The Games are to the death. (shades of Survivor)

-The first person narrator is sympathetic and pulls you into the story, metaphors for our culture abound, and the action, adventure, and drama are heartwrenching and heartstopping.

HIGHLY reccomended.
Here is KMI post from June 2009 about the Hunger Games. ;)

Krystal, I can safely say that you would like this series if not LOVE it!
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