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I just finished the 4 disk series. I loved every minute of every episode. It was like watching old home movies, seeing family members, and reliving happier times.

I've never known exactly what was airing when I started watching. I know that I never saw Peter Simon as Ian, and obviously never saw the heart attack story, etc. I have a vague recollection of Dan/Ellen's re-marriage, although it seemed vaguely familiar. It was interesting to see actors playing roles later recast by people I recall.

I've always had a minority opinion with regards to Meg Ryan. While she was adorable, there was something quirky and messy about her. It's interesting how those qualities were apparent in her early portrayal of Betsy. I liked Lindsay Frost in the role - she had a different take on the character, seemed more poised and less silly. Loved seeing Marisa Tomei again - I recall her role.

I loved seeing the evolution of wardrobe (those shoulder pads!), hairstyles, sets, props, etc. It was easy to see where money was spent when available, and what was cut when not.

I hope there is a thirst for seeing DVDs and that SoapClassics continues to package them. I can't wait for GL's to come out.
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