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Michael Emerson is so good in Saw...

The opening sequences in the Final Destinations are always very impressive (I saw the fourth, with the speedway catastrophe, recently).

I marathoned through the Nightmare on Elm Street series years after the fact, not as they were released... first was good, seventh ('Wes Craven's New Nightmare', with a different premise) was great, and the rest were 'eh', some good death scenes here and there, but nothing very special (Angelo Badalamenti did the score for the third, that was cool...). Freddy is a great-looking iconic villain and Englund played him well, but the one-liners got worse and worse... (I haven't watched the remake, but will 'someday').

(I also saw all of the Texas Chainsaw films in quick succession once... besides the original, I kinda liked the '03 remake and '06 prequel to it...).

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