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Krystal - the first Saw is a good movie (clever, well-written, directed, acted). And then I HAVE seen the rest of them (and they have their moments, are not chores to watch if you like horror), but they are largely more of the same, sure, and became pretty rapidly less clever. But I'd recommend the first one (to someone like you, not someone as violence-abhorrent as chelle, of course).

I do enjoy the Final Destination series (haven't seen the fifth yet) for the set pieces, though the story grows staler with each new variation on it. They are still fun to me, though.

I haven't seen the Hostel films, but will someday. Yeah, I much prefer a good story (and genuine scares) to excessive gore and the 'torture porn' stuff, but I kinda want to check them out anyway (and listen to Quentin Tarantino talk with director Eli Roth on the commentaries).

I really liked the first two Paranormal Activities films, and am looking forward to seeing the third. I don't know how long it can last, but I like that they've replaced Saw in the 'one a year' pattern...
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