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Oooh, I love Jane Austen and the P.D. James book is on my wish list for Christmas. Read a really good review on the NPR site.

Normally not a big mystery fan, but recently have been finding that I like the genre, or at least some of the genre. I've read all 3 novels by Tana French and really liked them, but the last, Faithful Place, is the best by far, imo.

I saw the original The Shining many years ago, with my brother in law, of all people, because he was visiting at the time and he wanted to see it and I did and my husband didn't really and someone had to stay home with the baby...(who is now 33). That baby/my oldest son still sees The Shining as the scariest film he ever saw.

I like some of the old school horror films a bit and did when I was a kid (the original The Fly game me many nightmares; I loved Little Shop of Horrors original version). There used to be a Fri. night television show that showed all the old horror shows (Called Nightmare Theater, with host Sammy Terry--get it: cemetery! hahahah) but as I got older, I just didn't find them interesting anymore. Not that they were too scary, more like the gore became the point and I just didn't enjoy it.

I was way too poor to pay full price to see Carrie when it came out and never really bothered to see it in its entirety since. The parts I've seen really irritate me, which is what King does most of the time if he's focusing on a female character.
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