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I haven't read The Shining yet, but I still expect to disagree with King in hating the Kubrick movie (I like it a lot), and from what I read about it (I didn't see it all, just a few bits and pieces), his own attempt at it, his tv-mini do-over (with Steven Weber) was not an improvement...

Stand By Me is good... Misery is good, but could have been a lot better... I like The Green Mile a lot (but not as much as Shawshank, no, and I haven't seen Darabont's The Mist yet, but am looking forward to it)...

I think King's a really good writer. There are SO many books that it would take forever to read them all (as I like to do when I find an author I really like), but I am making an effort to hit all the more important ones... The Stand was always Mom's favorite (as it is with many - King doesn't like that, wishes people didn't think he'd 'peaked' so early...) - I want to read The Shining and The Dead Zone... of the more recent ones, Under The Dome (currently in development as a Showtime series) and Duma's Key... I'll enjoy all of the Dark Tower-related books for being able to fully understand the connections... I should read all of the Castle Rock-set books...

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