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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Real Steel.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 ended abruptly and had some movie after the beginning of the rolling of the credits. There was more sex and romance in this one than violence.

Real Steel was at the second run theater. It was about an 11 year old boy in an alternative universe where instead of people boxing there were robots doing the fighting. Hugh Jackman plays the father of this boy who he let the mother raise. She died, and he looked after him over the summer, while his aunt and her husband (played by James Rebhorn) were in Europe. During this time, Hugh Jackman's character and the boy become friends and grow to love each other. Evangeline Lilly plays Hugh's love interest. I was surprised at how much I liked Real Steel, but then again Spielberg's name was on it so it was decent.

Also saw The Help at the second run a week earlier and that is worth the rental if you like period pieces.
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