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I'm a huge Muppets fan, and this looks great... the parody trailers, the OK Go video, the Green Album - all have served to make me happily anxious... I love that this is what Jason Segel wanted to do when Disney wanted to work with him... I like that (Flight of the Conchords') James Bobin is directing and Bret McKenzie wrote most of the new songs...

Very excited. Maybe slightly nervous that Frank Oz didn't approve of the script, but... everything I've seen so far DOES feel like they're doing right by the characters...

I really hope it works, so there can be more. (At the very least, could I have Seasons 4 & 5 released on dvd in the next year, please? And I wouldn't mind having the '96-'97 'Muppets Tonight!' show, too...)

Bonus: There's a new Toy Story short attached to The Muppets...
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