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Haven't read all of the book yet, but here's what I think, so far:

It sounds like KZ and the kind of book she would write, but yes, I can tell she had a ghost. I can see and understand why the co-author would insist on some restraint although I am sure we'd all like to see KZ get really down and dirty.

She seemed to dance around a lot of controversy. She talks a lot about MZ and how he was treated regarding his illness and firing without coming out and calling tptb rat bastards. Restraint, I am sure with a mind towards avoiding potential law suits and I think the woman wants to work again. I see how that colors some of her writing.

I found it interesting to get the actor's perspective about what it was like to film party scenes or courtroom scenes. I hadn't realized how much work it was for everybody when there was a big party scene. Now I understand why they became so rare.

It was easy to see how some of what KZ praised was because it allowed her character to be featured more. I thought she did a great job acknowledging her husband and his contribution to their family and how they worked to strike a balance between their respective careers and family.

She managed to allude to controversy in several storylines without quite taking it on, except in the most PC way possible. I understand why she might do this, from a pragmatic standpoint.

I wish she hadn't blatantly asked people to contact her re: projects. That diminished her a bit in my eyes.

I would have loved to hear more about some of my favorite actors on the show over the years, but this was KZ's story, not GL's story, so I get it.

Re: gaining weight/menopause thing. Well, it's an unfortunate fact of life for many of us and KZ pretty well acknowledges that she's not fond of the exercise machines. I think she both soft pedals her use /over use of alcohol and is also frank about how much she needed it to get through GL's last days.

We had heard a bit about how bad the Peapack conditions were. This just drove it further home. Also nice that she acknowledged that it was fan's complaints that forced improvement for techniques used. And how most of the other actors had given up watching the show, in disgust and just looked at it as a paycheck the last few years. Somehow, I was sure most of them couldn't possibly be watching the show that was on the last few years.

And I was also touched that the last words were Always, uttered by half of an iconic couple. Love her or hate her, Reva was an icon, and always was what we wanted from GL which had been a constant in many of our lives for so long.
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