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Friday's show was relatively good. The stuff with Victor Jr was kind of chilling when Starr first showed up there. Wasn't sure what he would do. I guess I can see Jack and Danielle saying he's still their father. He's the only father they've known, from what I've seen. Starr not accepting him as her father made sense. I would have been disappointed if they'd written it some other way. I was disappointed enough that they didn't have her mention all the rotten things he'd done to her. I was practically screaming it at the screen.

On the one, I could see Todd wanting to blame Blair and Victor for losing all those years with his family. He's angry right now. But we were all there when Irene explained all that she'd done. It just didn't feel believable to me that he wouldn't lump Irene in there as one who'd done him wrong. I don't know if that was meant to give us insight into his state of mind, or just sloppy writing.

The "Spotted Pony" stuff is groan-worthy. Not to mention that Melissa Archer and JPL are too flimsy to be driving entire scenes. It was cool to see The Zimmer's hubby, though. If I hadn't been keeping tabs on Zimmer's book thread, I wouldn't have known it was him. Thanks, BL!
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