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I'm almost finished with the book and so far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Sure theres alot of things I wish were in there that arent but its been a good read thus far.

Some of the juicier tidbits she doesnt assign names to but its fun hearing the stories anyway. The actress who falls in love with her costars had to be about BE. Ouch! That was harsh but oh so fun to read. I'm dying to know what leading OLTL actress was sleeping with the ABC exec leading to her exit as Echo.

I dont find that lack of mentions for the women that glaring (except the exclusion of Watros) she does mention many of them she just doesnt gush about them like she does all her men. Loved the Elizabeth Hubbard mention where she talked about staying involved in big group scenes and Hubbard telling her just try to figure out who farted. I can hear Hubbard saying that...I giggled out loud on that one.

The pictures are nice though I wish there were more. The story of her stolen (and returned) Emmy was cute and I'd never heard it before.

Hearing just how bad it was in Peapack made me feel a bit better about all the bitching we did at the time. Yeah we were totally justified! She was a bit nicer to Wheeler than I thought she'd be but her real feelings were still pretty clear.

I'll finish it this weekend and post my final thoughts later. So far I'd definately recommend it to anyone that was a GL fan.
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