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It was way outlandish and silly but I also didnt have too hard a time suspending belief to get invested. Though it dragged on and on in the beginning I thought the reveal itself was nicely paced and well thought out. Loved the Viki/Todd hug and the Starr scenes as well. I missed that connection between Starr/Todd. I kinda wish TSJ was sticking around too but I'm happy with RH as Todd. I am glad they did it the way they did because it makes me feel like investing in TSJs Todd for the last 8 years wasnt a complete waste.

Not so into the spotted pony stuff though. Seems unnecessary at this point. I like Delphina so its fun to have her back.

Was that the end of Kelly/Joey or are they going to get a proper goodbye? If that was it, it was very disappointing.

I also read that Irenes stay was short so I'm guessing thats probably it for her. It would have been fun having Tina in the mix for all this.
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