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What did y'all think of Irene's story? It was going to be somewhat outlandish but I didn't have too much trouble suspending disbelief. It seemed like they covered their bases, though I wasn't watching when TSJ's Todd was introduced on the show. I like that they're twins. Makes me wish TSJ was sticking around, now. Certainly plenty of storyline potential there. In hindsight, I should have expected Victor to lie about being Todd but I was a bit surprised. Make for some good scenes there with Tea and Danielle, and then Starr showing up.

The Todd/Viki hug at the end of Wednesday's show made my eyes water a bit. Also enjoyed Thursday's Todd/Starr scenes.

Wish we'd get to see more of Irene. Something I read made it sound like her stay was short-term. I was really hoping to see her interact with Tina.
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