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Yes! I forgot to mention that there was a brief GL clip in The Help.

Marg, I agree that 14 year olds could see the film and doubtless see far, far worse on a daily basis. But it is a different thing for a teacher to show a film in a classroom with 14 year olds in it. The teacher needs to be very careful to avoid having parents, PTOs or principals coming down on her.

I also don't think The Help was a chick flick, but my husband dubbed it so on the basis of the cast. So, we had a discussion about whether films with all or predominately male casts should be called dick flicks (my choice) but he said he preferred sausage fest, which I thought sounded more pornographic.

I liked the Bridesmaids very much. I thought there was more to it than just silly stuff--it really had a lot to say about how women sometimes view themselves and how little some of us think we deserve. Is it a chick flick: I think so, but at least no one dies at the end like Beaches and Steel Magnolias (both films I like, but really, can't we just do funny, with no one dying? )
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