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That so much of the Sonni storyline was stalled/delayed, written by hacks during the writer's strike, and altered from its original plans so much... and against ALL odds - it (mostly) WORKED... a huge testament to the actors and the concept of 'happy accidents'. The whole thing was ludicrous on paper... good and bad twins, long cons, amnesia, multiple back-from-the-deads... but some absolutely brilliant performances from KZ, RN, Forbes, and Joseph Breen. Some riveting edge-of-your-seat stuff, for sure.

I love all that she's done with her career, but I still kinda wish Forbes had stayed with the show another year or so (post-big-story, she was briefly paired with a just-returned Zaslow, and it would have been great fun to see more of them together). Or I'd always hoped she'd return for a quick arc sometime (something non-Josh/Reva-related, like, for Brent/Marian Crane - when that guy very badly needed a shrink, and Sonni was a psychiatrist that herself had issues with identity disorder...).
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