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While I have yet to read the book, I did see the movie - "The Help" this past weekend. So, definitely can't compare the two.

However, I thought the movie was well done, and the acting, especially Viola Davis and Emma Stone, was particularly good. I would certainly let a 14 year old see this film. They need to see what it was like, (and still is in some instances) for the black people and in particular women, prior to the Civil Rights Movement. I'm sure most 14 years old have heard and seen far worse than anything that was depicted in this movie.

I found "Skeeter" to be very young and naive, and even she had times when she appeared shocked at the attitudes of her family and friends towards the black servants and how much danger these women put themselves in by telling their stories.

I wouldn't call this movie a 'chick flick'. Yes, women were the major characters, with the men just supporting, but it was a serious but not heavy handed look at those times. I found the moments of humour were a relief. Definitely not in the same category as something like 'Bridesmaids' -- which was just too silly for me.
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