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The use of the word 'shit' can be a deal breaker in a classroom full of 14 year olds . Depending on the parents. And principal.

I don't think if The Help as being 'must see' so much as I really wanted to see it in the theater specifically because it featured a strong cast comprised almost entirely of women, and with a large portion of the cast comprised of black women. All of the main characters are strong women, although some are stronger than others.

I also think that it is a good thing to look back at the days leading up to and including the Civil Rights movement. Too often, I think we forget what life was like then and why it had to change.

Although, for my money, the tv series "I'll Fly Away" was better and more hard hitting. This book/film were both lighter weight in tone, with some humor as a part of the story. But not every film depicting this era must be treated as An Important Piece of History And We Can Never Laugh When Thinking about Such Momentous Things.

OH: A couple of God Damns in it, too. Forgot about those.
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