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>> the first 3 Star Trek films (the more recent ones made me really sad/angry)

The first one is not a good movie - it was kinda just a reunion of actors standing around looking at swirling lights... 2-4 are really good (and form a trilogy, pretty much)... 5 was not good... I never saw 6 or 7 (The Undiscovered Country, Generations)... I did enjoy 8 (the first full Next Generation cast one, with the Borg, First Contact)... I don't think I saw 9 (Insurrection)... I think I did see 10 (Nemesis), but barely recall anything about it, even if I liked it or not...

I thought the Abrams reboot was really good... thumbs up on the new cast, the action, and the story that made it both do-over AND non-negating-of-what-has-gone-before (with 'real' Spock present)...
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