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Saw Harry Potter final chapter: good finish to the series. Others will do more justice to the film than I could, so I will leave it to them (shocked there hasn't been a lot of chatter about it here, honestly).

What I really wanted to post about was: Cowboys and Aliens!

I know, I know, I know. But two things: Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Another thing: Daniel Craig in nice, fitted chaps, with a nice, tight shirt, and a really shrunken vest. Channeling Clint Eastwood in the Man with No Name films....

The whole aliens thing was pretty implausible, of course. Hardly needs mentioning. But: look past that and you get a pretty entertaining cowboy film, with Indians as allies. No surprises plot wise, but a pretty good time. If you go looking for more, you will be very disappointed.

OH: not enamored with Steven Spielberg's current viewpoint of aliens. These looked very, very, very much like the ones from Super8. Not sure if it's a world view thing or if they were just running a sale on that model. Sure, this version has a couple of cool new features but all in all: if you think it through as these aliens having the intelligence and technology to travel across the universe to go mining on Planet Earth, you would think they would have developed better social skills or a wardrobe. Just saying.

OH: did I mention that Daniel Craig wears tight jeans, fitted chaps, a tight shirt and vest? Harrison Ford does his semi-villain. Hubby didn't like Ford; I thought he was ok for the concept. Redemption a the end. OH: and there's a dog! And Adam Beach from Law and Order SVU--I always like him as an actor.

OH: and Daniel Craig in chaps. He has really, really blue eyes. And in this movie: he wears chaps.

P.S. Dax, very brief female nudity, waist up, from the back only. Sorry. But Olivia Wilde is very beautiful.
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