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I'm no longer recording the show daily. But I did find Friday's on SoapNet after you two wrote about the "Vickerman" premiere. Too much Nate/Danielle crap for me.

I did watch Monday's show. There were a couple good moments. Most notably, when Blair told Howarth's Todd that she didn't know if he was really Todd and he started to tear up. That felt real to me. And when TSJ's Todd reacted with anger to the look in Tea's eyes as she walked up the stairs. For all the build up to this story, there haven't been many truly powerful moments. It's unfortunate because so many capable actors are involved here. Meanwhile, the pointless tween characters seem to dominate airtime.

Do either of you think that Todd has been taken in a darker direction with TSJ? Sometimes I wonder if Howarth's Todd would have done some of the things that TSJ's has done. Would he have treated Starr so poorly? Would Jack be the sociopath-in-training that he is? Would their lives have really been that different if Howarth had stuck around? It would be interesting if they explore some of these issues but I doubt it will happen.
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