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tgir, here's a good Hobbit Movie site:


There's a bit of spec and concern about Jackson's approach, but I trust him.

(From what I understand, his version will NOT be Bilbo-centric. The original novel was before LOTR, but later Tolkien wove its events into overall Middle Earth history. So, instead of the movie following the book exactly, telling the tale very closely from Bilbo's POV 'there and back again,' the movie will incorporate other scenes and characters alive in Middle Earth at the time, as early concern about the fate of the One Ring is simmering. Thus, characters such as Bloom's Legolas are already on board.

I am more excited about this than anything else ever.

eta - The news that Stephen Fry will be the Master of Laketown is just one of many freaking awesome Hobbitnews items.
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