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It's weird, isn't it, that we have far fewer problems letting young teens watch violence in film or video games but when it comes to sex? Just can't do that.

My big fear re: Hunger Games is that it will be too watered down or else gratuitously gory. If it is done as well as LOTR or Potter (would need far less CGI, I believe), it could be very good.

I haven't heard/read anything about The Hobbit in a long time. I remember stumbling across the book when I was about 12 or 13, picking it up from probably a drugstore book shelf and immediately getting lost. This was before LOTR became such a big thing amongst college kids (maybe younger: I was in college when it became a big deal in the 70's) and young adults. Of course, I moved into LOTR but probably was in high school simply because I didn't find them earlier.

I find I am very, very disappointed with the way they have taken films (loosely, ever so loosely) based upon Greek and Roman mythology into gorefests loaded with SFX of all kinds, making the sfx the story instead of well, the story. Makes the old claymation renditions fresh. Certainly, there was plenty of gore in the mythology but it could be done well without dwelling on that aspect, and make it more friendly to younger audiences/broader audiences. I ate that stuff up when I was in elementary school and from then on, for years and years. I read every single book of myths and legends from every single culture (admittedly, limited in my area) in my school's library. Not sure that those books exist in kids libraries any longer, or in school libraries. In my town, a group of 'concerned mothers' went to one elementary school library every single fall early Oct. and checked out every single Halloween book and then locked them in the trunk of their cars until after Halloween, so as to protect young minds from the satanic influences of Halloween.

Adventure aside, there are really good lessons to be learned from the telling of all kinds of old myths and legends, and fairy tales, as well.
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