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Yeah, I've kind of stayed away from The Fighter because I really don't like boxing at all. Just can't wrap my head around people paying to watch two guys (usually) try to inflict as much physical damage as possible on the other--or being desperate enough to need to make my living that way. In theory, I want to watch it. In reality: don't like boxing at all. Also don't care for smug little hipster gazillionaires who betray one another for money which is why I haven't seen the facebook movie.

I do want to see Lincoln Lawyer. It looks decently diverting and would be good to see MM in something other than a rom/com ---not that he isn't good in a rom/com but they are all the same damn movie.

KMI, are you getting pumped or dreading The Hunger Games? Jennifer Lawrence was very good in Winter's Bone but I'm not sure I would have picked her for Hunger Games. At least they'll make her brunette. Don't know the guys who are being cast as her friends/the male leads but the pix I have seen make them look far too pretty and just wrong. I hope they do this justice.
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