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I love Will Smith but 7 Pounds wasn't that good.

Saw The Social Network last nite. Very interesting, but not "enjoyable" if you get my meaning. It does make me want to quit Facebook. lol Besides being a movie about a bunch of unlikeable people who now are richer than God, the quick cutting and superfast dialog was difficult to follow, imo. I understand the point - trying to show the fast paced, quick thinking geniuses in their milieu, but boy it was annoying. I had to stop and rewind multiple times and even the CC had a hard time keeping up in spots. I can't imagine trying to watch this in the theater.

Essentially a sad movie, as its moral is the old one that money doesn't buy happiness, and wealth and power and fame don't mean much either.

(Not watching much TV or seeing many movies at all as hubby is ecstatic that his Buccos are playing good ball after 20 yrs of horror and are in first place today.)
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