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I'm in an online fantasy book club at TWoP. Anyone can participate, but it was for people who miss HBO's Game of Thrones already (tho there is to be NO talk of GRRM's books as some are spoiler-free). We just finished Privilege of the Sword, by Katherine Kushner. I described it as a great failure. She has some excellent characters, but tries to do too much in too little of a novel. (even tho it's 450 pages)

It's a feudal-style fantasy with almost no fantasy. Young Katherine is required to live with her Mad Duke uncle so that he will repair the family's fortunes. His goal is to turn her into a master swordsman and body guard, essentially to spit in the face of society. The novel explores gender roles and the struggle to deal with societal norms.

Personally I preferred the Mad Duke's B story, which is the A story in a related book called Swordspoint, which I will now read.

The next book is Anne McCaffrey's very first Dragons of Pern novel, from the 60's - Dragonflight. I read it at least twice back in my misspent youth and Im was a big Dragon/Pern fan, so it will be interesting to revisit this world.
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