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Watched Percy Jackson with 5th grader I was babysitting.

The daddy issues (an actual line in the movie) reminded me of GL. lolol Percy as Philip???

I guess for a kid's action adventure movie it was okay. The kid loved it, even though he'd seen it several times already. Lots of my students love the books. Don't know if they are good, or better.

It was fun seeing Sean Bean as Zeus, looking all kingly and clean and powerful, given where I saw him last week in Game of Thrones. And I missed the early credits (or have some movies entirely done away with them as TV shows have eliminated theme songs) and spent part of the movie thinking, "Who is that wheelchair teacher dude/centaur?" (Pierce Brosnan w/beard) and thinking, "woah, Melina K. looks amazing as Athena."

There were some other "big names" in small roles, which was fun.

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