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Just saw "An Education" on netflix, with Carey Mulligan, and small parts for Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina and Olivia Williams and Ellie Kendrick (recently on the recent revival of Upstairs/Downstairs).

Recommended for those of us with daughters and those of us who once were girls.

Very bright and promising only daughter of a 1962 suburban London family whose father is ambitious for her to go to Oxford---as well she should do. By chance she meets an older man who seduces the entire family and nearly costs Jenny her entire future. Could have been much more sordid, but it wasn't really. Quite a cautionary tale about how and why we sometimes allow others to lead us away from what we know is right and how that gives us--and other people--permission to do what we know is wrong. It all comes out in the end, but Jenny does indeed get an education.
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