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Teresa was looking very defeated. Cant really blame her reality show or not it cant be easy to watch your personal family dramas play out on TV. Interesting that the parents seem to take her side though. Loved how Caroline stepped in and shut down the drama real quick. I just love her. I heard Chris and Albie are getting their own webshow on Bravo.com so I may check that out. WWH has been very disappointing this week. The one with Kara and Gretchen was pretty lame too.

Mob Wives was insane. I knew it was on when Carla put her hand on Renees mouth. If someone did that to me I'd have been ready to throw down too. Though I agree Renee takes everything way to far. I also cant believe Carla saying shes okay with her man grabbing all her friends when they are out drinking....who does that? Can we say creepy! Yep the Karen/Renee fight happened on the premier. Renee was pissed over Karens dad turning rat. Karen brought up how Renee was fine with the fact he killed people but she couldnt stand him for being a rat and Renee changed her attitude real quick. I also think Karen has a little more pull in that world and Renee realized she didnt wanna push it too far. Cant wait to see how the fight ends (or doesnt) this week.

We get the NY ladies Morocco trip starting tonight so I fully expect whackjob Kelly to reemerge in full force. looking forward to watching the meltdowns begin lol.
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