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Thanks for the link Cheryl! Thats awesome for Bethenny, its funny I remember her from Celeb Apprentice-Martha Stewart and I remember not liking her at all. I think she is definately the housewife model for how to cash in big. After all shes been through she deserves it. I still wonder what the deal is between her and her mom.

bilki, I didnt figure anything would really go down with Jr showing up since he was fresh out on bail from getting arrested in the eppy before that lol. I wonder how his current gf felt when he rushed off to save his ex Renee from a weird drunk guy...The eppy after that one is Dritas bday and they all get wasted, Renee acts crazy again. We got alot of backstory but not much craziness aside from Renee. Theres gonna be some good stuff between Drita/Karen with Karens book coming out (she used to date Dritas husband). Drita really reminds me of Drea de Matteo and I always wanna call her Drea instead of Drita lol.

Thanks for clearing that up about how everyone is related to Teresa, it took me almost a whole season to figure out how all the Manzos/Lauritas were connected. Its almost as complicated as a soap lol. I dont like her brother at all he just seems like a weasel to me. I thought it was funny how they kept making comments about Teresa and Joes money problems like it was news or something. Looks like it could be a fun season. Cant wait for the fight at Carolines house.
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