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OC has changed so much I have a hard time enjoying it. Alexis makes my skin crawl, Gretchen was okay at first but since she hooked up with Slade not so much. I kinda like the new one Peggy. She seems pretty cool and she calls Alexis on her crap. I dont like weepy Vicki, i miss fun crazy Vicki of seasons past. I've always liked Tamra and I always though Simon was an ass so it bugged me when Jeana was defending him.

I'm totally confused after the NJ eppy. I cant seem to keep everyone straight and how they are all related. Its NJcrazy already though lol. Didnt miss Danielle at all. The scene with Albie and Chris telling Caroline about moving out was sweet. I do kinda feel like everyone forgets the daughter though so I'm glad we are gonna explore that this season.

I turned off Simons WWH performance after about 3.5 seconds. I just couldnt do it....
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