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The year so far... annoyingly, I'm only averaging a book a month (though there were some comic books thrown in the mix, and a couple of these books were really long... still. Grr. Want more reading time...).

Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - Christopher Moore. The only one I hadn't read. Very funny.

Another Thing To Fall - Laura Lippman. I went very against my character, and -GASP- read a book from a series OUT OF SEQUENCE. I never do that. It was here, it was at hand, I liked the one of hers that I picked up at the same time and read last fall... so this is the tenth of Lippman's mysteries with character Tess Monaghan... I enjoyed the book. I don't feel TOO spoiled on previous entries, but... a little, I'm sure. Anyway. I've since ordered 1-5, and I'll get 6-9 after I run through those...

One Day - David Nicholls. A beautiful romance, told on a single day (July 15th) every year for a span of 19 years... very funny book. The movie (with Anne Hathaway) comes out in July, I hope it's good.

Play Dead - Harlan Coben. While I wait for my library hold to come through on 'the new one' (Live Wire, the tenth Myron Bolitar book), I read 'the first one', one of two early 90s books that have been out of print for years (effectively making his third book his 'first' book, though it wasn't REALLY...). It's good, has a lot of the familiar tricks that he'll come to perfect later on... it IS evident in places that it's from a still-learning-his-trade author, and at over 500 pages, it's probably more than a bit overwritten, but I enjoyed it - nothing for him to be too terribly embarrassed about, and I hope the OTHER 'lost' book (Miracle Cure, 1991) will also become available in the near-future, so I can say 'I've read them all' without the asterisk of 'except that one that's out-of-print'...

And I read the first six hardcovers (collecting the first 72 issues) of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn. I like it, but I expect that the tv show is going to be kicking its ass in the storytelling department... already, the things in the adaptation that have differed from the source material are improvements in the story... with the comic, the WRITING isn't particularly awesome, but it does succeed in getting you to want to know what happens next. The suspense is there, but... Anyway, I have higher hopes for the tv show, but I will keep reading the comics (in collections of 12) as they become available...

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