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Finished The Book Thief. Simply terrific. A friend and I want to get T-shirts with the novel's final line.

Over Spring Break I didn't get to read much at all since it dovetailed with the beginning of teaching units where I use novels. So I reread Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher and Daniel's Story by Carol Matas.

SS is an excellent retelling of the 1001 Nights. DS is a very blunt overview of the big picture of the Holocaust by having a family pretty much experience everything. It's a well told story with some great themes, but a little on the "stock" cliche character side of the ledger...tho my 8th graders LOVE it as an alternative to the textbook and non-fiction sources as it is a detailed (maybe too detailed) summary of the key events.

I also read Meditation For Beginners by Jack Kornfield and the newest Miles Vorkosigan SF by Lois McMaster Bujold entitled Cryoburn. Pretty good, but not one of the best. Then again, Bujold's average SF is better than most.

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