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Just came back from Unknown. It's not an art film, but succeeds as a thriller, understanding that you must suspend a good deal of disbelief. The driving skills and martial arts abilities are explained, plausibly within the context of the film. It's got some decent surprise moments, at least one killer car chase, and good acting for the roles. January Jones was good--she played the role just as it should have been played but she is very controlled in her roles. Here, it works. Neeson is good, of course and we get to see Aidan Quinn and Frank Langella, too. There are Hitchcock moments and it is easy to see that is the feel this film was reaching for. Hubby saw it as a cross between Taken and Bourne Identity and yes, there are elements of that, sure.

Hubby didn't like it so much as I did, but I went into it expecting a thriller. I have to say, I was gripping the edge of my seat during a couple of scenes. Would the plot fall apart under close scrutiny? Absolutely, but that's not why we go to see this kind of film. OK, so I went to see Liam Neeson (who didn't disappoint) but also to see a thriller/action flick. I wasn't expecting art or deep character development. I did get some adrenaline rushing through my veins. It worked for what I expected it to be. It's not something I would watch over and over again. But if I was with friends who hadn't seen it, I'd watch it again.
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