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Salt? Has there been a discussion about Salt? Did a quick search and couldn't find it.

Not art, and kind of a Bourne Identity sort of thing, only with Angelina Jolie and (wait for it) HUNT BLOCK as the President of the United States. It was a small role for Block and I must say that he did well enough in it. He used to creep me out very seriously on GL and ATWT, so much that I couldn't watch him because of his mannerisms. Here, he was mature and believable as much as anything in the movie was believable.

Angelina was wonderful of course and of course one must suspend a lot of disbelief as is the case with all of these movies.

But again: a strong woman who acts mostly like a man. At least she wasn't raped. She did kick some serious ass.

I would really like to see a movie with strong women characters whose character is strong, not just that they are able to physically kick the ass of any many they come across. And a movie about the relationships between women.

That said, I know she's crazy or at least plays a real good crazy for the paparazzi, but I always like Angelina Jolie in a film.
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