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I find certain elements beyond the obvious (violence against women, violence in general) very disturbing, largely because I find all too often in entertainment, there are graphic depictions of violence against women. In the case of these books and these films, the violence is very graphic. And I cannot help but wonder not only why it is that there is such violence against women (and of course, even as horrible as what the book/film describe, it is nothing compared with what does happen ever day), but why is the motivation of the perpetrators never discussed (except as a mental illness, usually mommy's fault, of course) and why is it that a 'feminist' author writes about such violence in such detail without exploring why men do such things and why it is that we somehow find this acceptable as 'entertainment.' And describe ourselves as 'squeamish' if we don't wish to watch or read such things.

There is an absolute dearth of books and films which show strong, capable women who are not victims of violence of some kind, usually sexual violence or which feature women who are not whores or rape victims or who aren't murdered. In fact, if a film/book features a predominance of female characters it is almost universally relegated to that purgatory known as 'chick flick' or 'chick lit' and is usually a light romantic comedy.
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