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Good memory.

Zaslow was likely exhibiting symptoms in this reading - he'd last appear on the show in April.

It's strange that my beginnings with GL internet fandom were in the same year ('97, starting with the mediadomain discussion board) I associate with 'the beginning of the end' of the show (the time between Zaslow's firing in '97 and the near-total-show-revamp of '99 where Springfield was besieged by Santoses and San Cristobel... kind of a dead zone of mediocrity, most notable for the awfulness of Parlato's time with the show... oh, there was the Josh/Reva/Annie stuff... that was fun...).

Sure would have been nice to have had an internet community to chat with back when the show was GREAT.... (and yes, I know that we'd have complained about it THEN, too, but... you know what I mean).
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GL's Anniversary was earlier this week · Guiding Light