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Just wanted to suggest two titles, especially for KMI:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It follows a young girl, orphaned and raised by foster parents in Germany in the late 30's/early 40's. Told from the perspective of Death. Given the time/place and the narrator, the book is both dark and beautiful, wry, funny, heart breakingly sad. I haven't finished it yet, but really enjoy it.

The other is called Feed by M.T. Anderson. Futuristic YA novel, told from the perspective of a teenaged boy, named Titus whose ability to read, write or think for himself has been almost completely wiped out by his 'feed', an electronic device that connects him to his friends, culture, advertising, etc. and replaces thought with the feed. Think twitter, with advertisements., embedded in actual brain tissue. There is a constant background chatter from friends, occasionally parents or other authority figures and of course, the omniscient ads to buy/buy into the latest trend, which might last only minutes. Of course, he meets a girl who is not as 'plugged in' as he is. I'm only part way through but so far, it's really good. Heavy on lingo/teen speak reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, in a way. I haven't finished that (as usual, in the middle of multiple books....)
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