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I'm glad that Jerry gets to play a little baddie as Clint. He was good guy Ross for too long. Although I wish he wasn't so hard on Rex. I wish there was some other reason that he didn't want to claim him as his son rather than just thinking him a golddigger. Considering Rex had already bonded with his brother Bo and his daughter Nat was already raised as Rex's sister. Plus there is also Shane to consider. Like it or not Shane is his grandson. He has already raised Kevin, Joey and Jessica who are not his blood, whats one more that actually is!

As far as Cutter goes, I am glad that he is not Joey as well. The pics of him were hot when he was annouced but his appeal is not translating well on screen. He also seems a little...queeny? (Too bad Fish wasn't still in town and he was going to throw everyone off his affair with Aubree by coming between Fish and Kyle)

I have a feeling that by the time the truth comes out about Aubree she will have fallen in love with Joey (and his whole family) for real. One of the newborn babies will probably need a bone marrow transplant or something, Aubree will be a match and everyone will call it even.
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