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I thought exactly the same thing about Camilles insecurity comment. I did find her slightly more likeable on WWH though. I dont like her on the show but I think without her it would be kinda boring. I couldnt believe when Paul said that to Mauricios mom. I wonder if they didnt edit out part of that convo because it seemed like his comments came from left field. Surely hes not that crass, though Adrienne did say it happens all the time so who knows. Cant wait for the finale!

Nene went way overboard but I loved every second of it lol. Poor Kandi, that woman has the patience of a saint. I think I'd left Kim on the side of the highway with her smokes. Cynthias fiance is a jerk. He makes me cringe and shes definately a fool if she goes through with it. What was up with the weird exchange between Sheree and the guy? I guess I missed something (probably when I tuned out to avoid Kims singing) because I was totally lost during that.
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