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So, the DT is the third book? I thought it was the fifth, and the third movie. That was the impression I got from my friend, though we didn't have much time to discuss it since we were in the bathroom at the theatre. Either way, I'll get the books and see the other two movies, my curiousity has been piqued and I am glad to hear the movies are true to the books.

We saw it in 2d so I can't answer your question. I don't really like 3d so I try to avoid those movies which seems to be harder to do. I am quite concerned since I saw Harry Potter book 7, part 1 in Imax and am hearing part 2 will be released in 3d Imax. I don't want to see it in 3d Imax, but after seeing part 1 in Imax I don't want to see part 2 on a regular movie screen.
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