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Jan 1 2011, 10:43 AM
Christmas Eve we saw Narnia which we all liked. DH didn't think he would. I wish I would have seen the other movies first, or at least read the books though I was told that the movies kind of mush the books together. They don't match book to movie like Harry Potter. The movies are on my Netflix list and I'll read the books shortly so we'll see.
Lexi, I've read and taught the Narnia books many times. I'm a huge CS Lewis fan. Movies one and two were actually very faithful to the books, with only minor plotting changes due to 'movie needs.'

Dawn Treader is my 2nd fave, after The Silver Chair...which is my all-time fave, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it. We were supposed to go this week, but family crises (yes, more than one) and bathroom remodeling craziness has moved this to next week. Also the fact that I wanted to hear if people liked the 3-D or if I should just see 2-D version. Your thoughts? (I HATE the fake glasses since I wear glasses already, and the only movie I've seen with 3-D sucked.)
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