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Since Bruce Willis was brought up awhile ago..... Just watched The Fifth Element (from '97) OnDemand and what a hoot. I don't know how I missed a comedy/action/SciFi thriller. I laughed out loud (in a warm hearted way) at some of the ridiculous site gags and roles. Reminded me of another great SciFi spoof - Galaxy Quest.

Avatar...wasn't all that. It was pretty good, but not the second coming of ET or Star Wars or anything. The story was a little too simplistic for my taste.

I loved Toy Story 3, maybe more than the original.

Watched Eclipse with niece. I thought the books sucked, but the movies are slightly better, since Bella doesn't come off as quite the virginal victorian damsel-in-distress. And Taylor Lautner is so very pretty.

Anyone seen Knight and Day? People told me it was very much better than the early buzz and critics said. Apparently the Tom Cruise name is actually a detriment nowadays. Poor Tom.
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