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Haha......Jim Carrey was hysterical as the Grinch!

We saw The Fighter today with Mark Wahlburg and Christian Bale. I liked it, hubby LOVED it. Christian Bale was amazing. Even though I don't much care for him anymore, I have to admit that he totally embodied that character (it's a true story and you see the real guy he's playing during the credits and it's uncanny how well he played him). I see some award nominations in his future for this role, for sure.

I LOVED True Grit as a child and it was one of the rare movies I actually saw at the theater with my parents. Have seen it over and over and over (i.e. many times!) since then. It's hard to believe that Robert Duvall was an unknown at that time (he played the villain). John Wayne was amazing, Kim Darby was great, and I even loved Glen Campbell. Hopefully I will get to see it next week since I am OFF work.....woo-hoo!!!

We started to watch Avatar tonight but hubby promptly fell asleep so will watch it later since I recorded it off of HBO or Showtime.

I love watching movies at Christmas!
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