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Spoilers for the Week of Dec 27th

Ridge obsesses about who took the backstage photo of Brooke and Thomas and realizes that it had to have been Whip!

When Ridge shows up at Taylor's and tells her what her husband's been up to, Whip denies it!

Both men are shocked when Taylor is true to one -- and orders the other out of her home!

Amber is not thrilled to see her mother, Tawny, at her door, ready to pay an extended visit!

Believing that he had slept with Amber, a guilt-ridden Liam confesses his indiscretion to Hope, who is devastated!

Amber is stunned to learn that´╗┐ she's pregnant with Oliver's baby, despite using protection!

A devious Tawny suggests to Amber that she not tell Oliver the truth and instead pass the baby off as Liam's!


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