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Spoilers for the Week of Dec 13th

Whip implements a scheme to exact revenge against Ridge.

Donna and Justin reconnect while sharing time with Marcus.

Ridge is appalled when he sees what Brooke and Thomas are hiding from him.

Hope becomes concerned when she sees Liam being placed on a pedestal at Spencer Publications.

Liam strongly objects when Hope suggests his father is behind the latest scandal involving her mother.

Taylor gets livid, and takes it out on Brooke, when she learns of Brooke and Thomas’ recent escapade.

Oliver attempts to dissuade Amber from moving forward with her latest scheme.

Bill interrupts Liam and Hope’s romantic dinner to announce a party he’s throwing for Liam; a party he plans on keeping Hope away from.

Bill pulls out all the stops as he hosts a celebration where he will announce to the world that Liam is his son and heir to the Spencer dynasty.

Brooke encourages Hope to attend Bill’s party while Amber manipulates Marcus into getting her an invite.


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Monday December 13:

Nick invites Aggie to celebrate Christmas with him.

Whip pulls a prank at the Forrester Taboo show.

Justin and Donna reconnect as they share their pride in Marcus's success.

Jarrett finds results of Whip's prank.

Tuesday December 14:

Brooke and Thomas make a decision to keep something that happened backstage from Taylor and Ridge.

Hope is worried about Liam.

Oliver rebuffs Amber's because he's determined to reunite with Hope.

Ridge sees a photo from backstage on the Internet.

Wednesday December 15:

Ridge demands answers about the photo.

Liam is offended by Hope's remark about Bill.

Whip makes sure that Taylor sees the photo on the Internet.

Oliver thinks Amber should find employment.

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Backstage prank. (Soaps.com)

Thursday December 16:

Taylor is fuming over the photo.

Aggie warns Whip about trying to best the Forrester family.

Bill fills Liam in on the details of a big bash he's decided to throw for him.

Amber delves into the Spencer history.

Brooke is prepared to step away from Taboo.

Friday December 17:

Liam asks Hope to be his guest at the party Bill is throwing in his honor. Bill's not happy.

Marcus finds out that Amber is living at Oliver's place.

Justin wants Donna to come to the party as his guest.

Amber wants Marcus to get her on the guest list for the Spencer party.


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